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Angie PolonichThank you so much for visiting our website and checking out our wearable art.

In 2000, we started our journey playing with fire and creating wearable art.... I get to do what I dream about.......... Everyday im my kitchen and share the wearable art with new guests everyday with customers who become our friends......does life get better... I have been a home mom forever and loved every minuite of it.. Now my girls have their own journeys and I get to applaud them. I fill my tank with creating wearable art............... With an addicting medium ..... Glass.....

Custom Glass Art JewelryI create new pieces everyday and sometimes im working on a bead and a new idea comes to me and i cant wait to finish the bead and get onto the next one... Yikes... I need 36 hours in my day and some great wine...

I want to live long and im doing everything i can to fulfill that by allowing myself a gym time every day... Then.. I can keep creating forever....

Enjoy our website and if you ever want a visit to my studio.. A phone call........... And if im in are most welcome to pop!!!!!

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