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Message From our Fans
Your signature piece, the heart, is more than just a bead or work of art. It shows the beauty, grace and compassion in your heart and in your craft. You touch the lives of many that have a rough journey ahead of them with a "bead" but itís so much more than that. Itís a symbol of what is good and right in this world, a symbol of hope and love, of courage and strength... Glass is an element that is so fragile but yet so incredible strong, just like the people that have your pieces.
Mary Patton | Bitchin Beads Customer

Message From the Artists
As artists we strive to create new and amazing pieces with exceptional quality, style and flare. We are constantly evolving in new designs and creations, to prevent other bead makers from attempting to copy our art. We realize that imitation is often a large form of flattery. However, we find it very important to take the time to educate customers on our exceptional quality and years of experience. We believe that great artists have their own signature, look, and style.

To anyone visiting our site that finds inspiration in what we do, we ask that you please draw from the artist within you and come up with some amazing pieces of your own...

Thanks for visiting our site, we hope that you love our wearable art as much as we enjoy making it!

Bitchin' Beads Forever! Bitchin' Beads Forever!

Return Policy

We have a 30 day Return Policy, if you get your piece home and just arent loving it, and are not wearing it, please bring/send it back to us within 30 days for a full refund or exchange... We will not return or exchange any pieces after 30 days as our style of beads and the seasons are always changing. Thanks Angie and Jade...

Glass for the Artwork
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