Frequently Asked Questions

How did you get started?

Angie had been involved in rustic wood and stained glass making gifts, and angels, and frogs...The supplier talked her into taking the bead class in 2002. I really wanted to take the class but it was very expensive so mom took it, and taught me...We have been hooked ever since...

Do you wholesale?

In short, No, we don't wholesale.. If stores want our product they pay the same as our customers... We feel that we are very connected to our customers, and there is something very unique about the experience of owning BITCHIN BEADS...We do have a few stores that carry our product.

Do you use sterling silver? Can it be cleaned?

Yes, all of the components are sterling silver or Swarovski crystals for the spacers.

Tarn-X CleanerIn a word. TARN-X ...Its the best stuff ever. Its about 8 to 10 bucks, and you can get it at walmart or even the grocery store. Its in a black plastic bottle with a white lid and letters, in with the cleaning supplies. Pour about an inch in the bottom of a measuring cup, or something with a spout ( that you wont be baking with anymore) put the whole piece of jewelry in. Swish it around for a few seconds, and rinse the piece in hot soapy water! And voila. Just like new. Now pour the rest of the tarn x back into the container, and re use... Like I said... Best shit ever! Its good for the beads and nothing will get the daisies and small spacers clean the way this does. Just don't leave it in for too long, because eventually the finish will just wear off...


Will they break?

All of our beads are kiln annealed, to make them stronger... and the glass beads should last for hundreds of years... That being said, we string the bracelets and necklaces on 49 strand stainless steal wire. (its the best available) Sometimes the wire will eventually break... If that happens get the beads back to us... Most important the glass beads... and we will fix it up and get it back to you so you can be wearing it. The hearts are more fragile since they are thinner in the center, and beads with detail that is raised are more fragile as well... We do lifetime guarantee our beads, if something happens to it as far as a manufacturing error... If it is dropped, it may break...

Where do you get your inspiration?

For me, mostly fashion, I am always into whats hot for the season, the colors and I find that chunky bold pieces are a statement on anyone... We say go big or go home!!!

Do you do special orders?

Yes we welcome special orders especially when it comes to color combos, or making something specific for an event, or an outfit... We just ask that you keep in mind our style as an artist. We wont try to make something that another artist already does.

Where do you get your beads?

I know that this is ridiculous but I have actually had people ask me ďOK, so where do you get your beads from?Ē after they have seen the studio... We don't use any filler beads, only swarovski crystals and sterling spacers. So just to clear that up, all of our glass beads are handmade by us!

Have you ever burnt yourself?

Yes, too many times to count. I have one really bad burn on my left hand, I dropped a stringer and just reached right in front of the flame and picked it up... So dumb!!!! and I have several little white burns all over my chest and arms from glass that shocks and breaks. One time I had a piece of glass break off the rod, fly down my shirt, roll down my leg and into my ugg boot and burn my ankle!!! What are the chances of that...

Do you ship?

Yes, we ship anywhere, we just let you know how much shipping is after the fact... Because if you are like me, you can wait for a week or two to get it... I want it now. We usually send express, depending on the buyer.

How long does it take to make a bead?

We get asked this question a lot. And there really isn't a good answer for that... Some beads take only a few minutes, for the little guys, and then some of my moms giant hearts can take up to an hour! Or more. Plus the fact that we have been doing this since 2002... sorry, thats not a great answer, but it really depends... My mom says that one day she worked for 13 hours straight. Only pee breaks, and getting up to make a coffee... She made beads for about 3 bracelets and 7 hearts... So it is pretty labor intensive. Thats not including overnight in the kiln, then cleaned and drilled out, and put together...

Do you teach?

We don't teach, but there are a few places that do teach beginner classes... We like to tell people to really do their research, because there are a lot of people teaching that are really beginners their selves. Make sure you have an experienced instructor, and then after that its just hours of practice. Also, make sure that you do research on safety. Not many places talk about ventilation and safety aspects of beadmaking.

What are your payment methods?

We currently only take cash or check... We are not big girls yet. We have been contemplating taking credit cards, but are scared that we would not be able to keep up on production.

Return Policy?

If you are not totally pee your pants excited about your new beads, of course you can return them. It does no one any good to have their jewelry in the jewelry box!!!

However, we have had people bring stuff back after 6 months and a year and say that they are not wearing it. Sorry, but you can take jeans back to the store after that long either.

Our style changes from day to day, and 6 months from now we are making stuff that is totally different... Make sure that when you make a purchase, you are totally in love with it and dreaming about it at night. If you aren't, then it wasn't meant to be! We want you to love your beads as much as we enjoy creating them.

Are the beads annealed? What does this do?

All of our beads are kiln annealed, this means that once the beads are made the immediately go into a kiln that is at about 960 degrees, and held there until we are finished production for the day... The kiln is then shut down and the beads are cooled at a slower rate, and somewhat just fused together. This increases strength and durability of the beads, and they will last hundreds of years.

Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes we do have gift certificates.

Where are you located?

We have 2 locations... Angie is in Varsity Estates in Calgary, Alberta. Jade has a studio in her Townehouse in Edmonton, Alberta. Soon with a location in Phoenix.

Why don't you open a store?

We will open a store eventually... for right now, things are just too good... we love being personal and having the charm to visit with our customers, it doesn't seem like work to us, and also, we can go on vacation for 2 weeks and not have to worry about the store... not to mention, that if we did open... we would not have enough stock...

Do you do home or birthday parties?

We do not do home parties... we did when we first started, but it is so important for us to really educate our customers about lampwork, how the beads are made and good quality... we find it is best for people to come to our home studios and see it first hand... then they can make an educated decision on their purchase, without feeling obligated. If you would like to have a party we have done them at our homes.. You can invite some friends and come to our studios.

We have started doing birthday parties for kids, about ages 5 to 14... they love it... what happens is we charge 15 bucks per kid, they get to come and watch the beads being made ask questions, and pick colors to for us to make a bead demo, then they get to pick a bead out of the orphan box and we make it into a necklace for them.. usually the birthday girl gets a cupcake or a heart for their special day...

Where do you eat?

This is the most frequent question Angie is asked... in short her answer is food is over rated and the wine is under the sink... Angies studio in Calgary is taking over the house... The kitchen is where the magic happens, and the work is done on the table all of the findings are on the island. It is a must see, and a very cool experience.

How many hours a day do you work?

We pretty much work around the clock... we put in long hours, but we love it... usually Angie goes to the gym at 7 and then the kiln on by 9.30, shut down rarely happens before 11.30 pm...

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