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Jade and The TorchI have been creating lampwork beads and jewelry since 2002... and I feel so blessed to have found something that I love to do, and allows me to express myself, in my art and my fashion sense... I am very inspired by fashion, colors and textures, and also by our customers... I love to play with colors that don't just seem right, and somehow those ones turn out the best... The hearts are very soothing and therapeutic to me to make, and it just seems like I am so connected to them, I know that when we get letters back from customers that have bought the hearts, either for gifts, or for themselves... they have told us that our hearts have changed their lives... it know it seems weird, but we feel very connected to our work and our customers... so thats very cool for us.. and we love to get stories back like that.

My Husband and I graduated in 2004 from the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) I have a degree in psychology and I played volleyball and golf on scholarship for 4 years... After University I moved back to Calgary, and grew the business with my mom, as my husband went on to play in the NFL for the Tennessee Titans

Jade and GoldieIn 2005 Ron "Goldie" McClendon signed with the Edmonton Eskimos where he played running back for 5 years, and I started to grow my client base in Edmonton, while working at a woman’s clothing boutique and The Edmonton Country Club.

I played competitive golf for most of my life... In 2006 I qualified for the Canadian Open (LPGA) event in Edmonton at the Mayfair golf course.. It was the most incredible experience of my life... there were so many emotions that week, and I shot like a billion and 10 but it was still amazing... Hitting balls between Julie Inkster and Christy Kerr... I was shitting my pants... just hoping to make contact with the ball... a week I will never forget.

In 2010 we packed up and moved to Scottsdale, ARIZONA (just because we love it!) And are pinching ourselves every day, we are loving it here…I have an amazing home studio, with a great view, large windows, and showroom for our jewelry.

On March 1 2011 we welcomed our first daughter JAYSHA CHRISTINE MCCLENDON, and she is by far my best creation…She makes us laugh every day and it is unimaginable how much we love her!!! I am loving motherhood, minus the lack of sleep, and I find myself working late at night and crossing my fingers that she won’t be up in the night…In a few years she will be coming out with her own line of Bitchin Beads...:)

My Best CreationShe is just simply the best and cutest and nicest and busiest little thing ever!

I am so lucky to have an amazing husband, who is so supportive, funny, loving, and totally my biggest bitchin bead fan... he had an incredible collection of bracelets and cuff links, and even puts in orders when he doesn't have something to match... we really are perfect for each other...especially when most of our biggest problems are "babe what shoes should I wear with this outfit?" He is truly the love of my life, and we look forward to each and every day, and we know that the best is yet to come!!! Thanks babe for being so amazing, and pushing me to keep creating and doing what I love.... you are the best part of every day!!!

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