Scottsdale Street Fair 2012

Scottsdale Street Fair 2012
Scottsdale Street Fair 2012Scottsdale Street Fair 2012

Jade Polonich is definitely one of the more fashion conscious players on the Canadian amateur scene. She sums it up pretty clearly: "Nice clothes make you look good. That makes you feel good and that makes you play well." She is well known for her colour matching outfits and she laughingly admits, "It will always be bright."
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Bitchin' Beads with Celebrities

Bree Williamson from One Life to Live is wearing one of our rings!
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Bitchin' Beads and Kira's Day



Bitchin' Beads with Celebrities

Just Bead it!
Angie Polonich and daughter Jade McLendon have been making Bitchin' Beads for almost 10 years and the true uniqueness of their jewellery has been a MOM Magazine favourite since we launched in 2007. They each have their own studio - Angie is in Calgary. Jade is in Edmonton - and we decided it was time to find out what goes into making these funky, chunky, brash and sassy pieces!
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Bitchin' Beads and Celebrity Chef


Battle of the Blades

NHL Hall of Fame member Lanny McDonald...
sporting Bitchin' Beads at the judging for Battle of the Blades.


Zumba for Pancreatic Cancer
Troon Mountain Health and Fitness is holding a Zumba Marathon
Saturday, April 17, 2010

It's to raise money for the Pancreatic Cancer Foundation.


Radio interview at new gallery in Scottsdale called Local Talent with
Jade McLendon

Interview on MP3



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