Rings with Bitchin's Beads

Learn how to assemble the bead rings.
The Square Bead Ring assembles differently than the Circular Bead Ring.


Bitchin' Beads Forever! Bitchin' Beads Forever!

Return Policy

We have a 30 day Return Policy, if you get your piece home and just arent loving it, and are not wearing it, please bring/send it back to us within 30 days for a full refund or exchange... We will not return or exchange any pieces after 30 days as our style of beads and the seasons are always changing. Thanks Angie and Jade...

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Jade Studio Ph:
Cell: 480.403.1181
Email: jade@bitchinbeads.ca

Angie Studio Ph:
Cell: 403.701.9881
Email: angie@bitchinbeads.ca

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